About Us

We are located at 5576 N Hamilton Road Columbus, Ohio 43230 right on the edge of Gahanna and New Albany. 


Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday 5AM-9PM

Friday 5AM-7PM

Saturday 7AM-6PM

Sunday 8AM-5PM


Memberships and Pricing

Drop in classes/day passes are $15 
Base Membership is $30 for full gym access, Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Bootcamp, and Functional Step
Advanced Membership is $60 for everything is the Base plus TRX, Kettlebell, HIIT, Tabata, and any combination class (Spin/TRX)
If someone is a teacher, military, first responder, or Corporate Wellness the Base is $20 and the Advanced is $50
First add on $20, second add on $15, third and so on is $10 per person 
Kids Club $15
Kids fitness classes $50 a month



What We Do

Power in Motion sets out to create a lifestyle change with the whole community. We do this through guiding each individual through every step with a thorough plan made simple. This plan works due to the consistency of the individual that is held accountable by our family of staff. We thrive on the energy and encouragement our culture provides to lead each person to be the best that they can be! At Power in Motion, our family, pays it forward.

We've been in industry for some time and have found focusing on helping each person become the best that they can be is the way to go. We do this through properly assessing each person to figure out needs along with their goals. We put together a plan to guide them on the path to achieving a balance in their lives. Correcting issues that have limited them in the past so it won't in the future and developing their bodies to function the way it should!